Meet The Team


“I love working with such an ethical, caring boss and this wonderful staff.”
– Laura L Schrouder, RDAEF

“Not only is Dr. Cohen a fantastic dentist but also a great person to know and work with. He is very thorough in his evaluations, treatment planning and the procedures he performs on patients. He uses high tech equipment and visual aids to discuss procedures and treatments with patients. It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Cohen and our staff for the last six years.” – Eileen Michaelian, RDH

"I love working with Dr. Cohen because he is a great dentist and he truly cares about his patients' well being.  He is my boss, my mentor, and my friend." - Sophia Ortiz, RDH


Stefanie Garcia

Practice Coordinator 

With over 28 years' experience in the dental field, I guess you could say that I am passionate about dentistry.  I was a dental assistant for my first ten years in the profession and learned first-hand how patients should be treated clinically.  I have worked in various dental specialties including general dentistry, oral surgery, and periodontics.  Since 2017, I have been privileged to work as the practice coordinator in the office of Dr. Cohen and our amazing staff.

 I am a mom to several rescue cats and a dog.  I am a lover of all animals and practice a vegan lifestyle.  My hobbies and passions include baking, bowling, golf, and spending time with my furry family, biped family and friends.  I am also certified as an addiction counselor and as a phlebotomist.  Throughout my life I have always enjoyed working with and helping people.  I hope to be able to help each and every one of you as well.

Laura Schrouder, R.D.A.E.F.

Clinical Supervisor & Head Dental Assistant 

Laura Schrouder is an accomplished Registered Dental Assistant with the added certificate in Expanded Functions who has been the clinical right hand  of Dr. Cohen for over twenty years.   She is a caring and supportive dental professional that helps create, for each patient,  a superior atmosphere and exceptional clinical results.  No one knows more about how the back office functions in Dr. Cohen's practice than Laura Schrouder.

Sophia Ortiz, R.D.H.

Registered Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, my goal is to provide state-of-the-art dental hygiene care for all my patients.  To help accomplish this goal, I continue to educate myself on the latest techniques and treatments available. I also try to make my patients’ dental visits as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

I have now been in dentistry for over sixteen years, fourteen of them working for Dr. Cohen.  During all that time he has always made the office feel like a family environment.  He always encourages growth and passion in the dental field.  It is wonderful to know that Dr. Cohen and I share a passion for excellence in caring for our dental patients. 

I love working with Dr. Cohen because he is a great dentist and he truly cares about his patients' well being.  He is my boss, my mentor, and my friend.

Personally, I am happily married with a beautiful daughter who we adore very much.  My husband and I are also blessed to be expecting a second child later this year.  Yes, truly blessed!